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Pubblicato in data: 01/11/2004

L’amico americano n. 18

Questa e' la democrazia in America, credo meriti grande rispetto
di Gianfrancesco Prandato

Ricevo questa e-mail da PATAGONIA, il giorno prima delle elezioni.
Quante imprese in italia avrebbero fatto lo stesso?
Sento molti amici disprezzare gli americani e l’America. Questo è segno di grande democrazia, anche imprenditoriale.

Every Vote Counts

Voting is a powerful form of activism. On November 2nd, we strongly encourage you to take your environmental values to the voting booth. Every vote counts.

Twenty-two million single women did not vote in the 2000 election. And the election was decided by 537 votes in the state of Florida.

Make your voice heard next week.

For inspiration, check out "One Vote,” a 6-minute video about women and voting, directed by two-time Oscar nominees Deborah Hoffmann and Frances Reid.

Visit to view the video and get inspired.

Register to Vote. Get Informed. Vote the Environment November 2nd.


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