BLOOM! frammenti di organizzazione

Why Bloom

The very complexity of the systems doesn’t allow complete and exhaustive images.

The organisation, as a very living and acting body, can’t describe itself. Nevertheless, full of meaning images and representations come out from its inside- from the subterraneans and its core.

The companies as well as the public bodies can be analysed as "smooth surfaces" made of shared values, repeated behaviours, codified procedures. But they can be seen also starting from their chitterlings, the fragments, the interstices, from what is "not told", the unknown places where dirt nests and where nobody usually goes. Beside the "organised knowledge" grow different forms of knowledge, which are uncompleted, partial, paradoxical, temporary, extreme, but just because of that rich. BLOOM!- through an anthropological approach, ready to welcome each type of description, no matter how much and how it is articulated, wants to build the image and the meaning of the organisations just starting from its fragments.

The way the results of a research are provided are synthetic by their nature. They are refuse.

But, a refuse itself is rich of meaning. BLOOM! is the place where to discuss about what a report of result can’t say.Universities, Business Schools, Centres for training, Consulting societies, individual realities of a company, produce material and file know-how which belongs exclusively to them, as it is close inside the reality by which it has been generated and risk to retire into itself.

Most of the produced material may circulate outside and come back to it origins enriched by critics and interpretations. BLOOM! Is the place of side circulation.In well known magazines we can often find rich and interesting contributions. But magazines must be consistent with its editorial line, must strictly select its contributions.  So it happens that interesting contributions can’t come out. BLOOM! Commits itself just to publish them.

BLOOM! Wants to encourage the establishment of different outlook and unusual approach.BLOOM! As an interactive media wants to encourage contacts, exchanges and the rapid circulation of unconventional ideas.